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PAPASWelcome to the  official website of the Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals (PAPAs). PAPAs is a registered Charitable Association entirely run by volunteers. We are dedicated to the rescue and welfare of abandoned or cruelly treated animals in Pinoso, Spain. The Association works with the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) of Pinoso to this end. It also works independently to help animals in other areas whenever possible.

Founded in April 2008, PAPAs is now  one of the largest dog welfare charity in Pinoso. Our mission is to bring about the day when all dogs in Spain can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. PAPAs is a officially registered and legal association in the Generalitat Valenciana, Alicante. PAPAs is also registered with the Pinoso Ayuntamiento.

We are delighted that our Donations link is now repaired! If you have been wanting to donate but have been unable to do so, please don't hesitate. There are more and more animals desperate for help, especially veterinary care. Your money will help to fund essential operations, in particular neutering of both dogs and cats, and much needed vaccinations. Please give generously!




Can you give a loving Home to one of these animals?

  • bea
    Bea/Luna was found in the road after lying there for 7 hours, after being knocked down.
    She has had a major operation on a dislocated hip and cracked vertebrae, She is at one of our fosters Jenni & Bob under their loving care and is really improving in leaps and bounds.
    We are looking for a very special person to adopt her
  • rico
    Rico is a gentle and loving boy born about April 2012, he is great with people and other dogs and gets on well with cats, vaccinated, neutered and has great personality, loves his walks.
  • Henry
    My name is Henry.
    I was left at a gate about 6 months ago as a puppy and I'm about 1 year old now, say borne February . My fosterer says I'm one of the gentlest dogs she has had. Henry has been castrated and has had all his inoculations. He is 70 cms to shoulder height, Would make a great family dog but does need to have lots of exercise as he loves to run but does come back when he is called.
  • Chiara
    Chiara is a Hungarian Vizla pedigree.
    This is a lovely calm, sweet girl who was born around October 2011.
    She has been looking for a new home for over 12 months.
    She is fully inoculated, has a Pet Passport and has been spayed.
    Great with other dogs and loves people.
  • Bruno
    My name is Bruno. I was found by the side of the main road leading out of Fortuna about 8 months ago. He had been run over and left to die in a ditch in the blazing sun. His back leg was broken and he was about 6-8 months old. Even at that age and obviously in great pain he showed no aggression when we carried him out of the ditch. The leg was set and he now has no problems with mobility. He was borne about December 2013.
    Bruno is about 60cms to shoulder height and weighs 40 kgs. He has been castrated and has had all his inoculations.
  • Shadow
    My name is Shadow.
    Shadow was run over on the main road in Fortuna when he was a small puppy. Luckily he rolled under the car and suffered no broken bones. Shadow is about 12-15 months old,say borne about December 2013 and is about 35 kgs in weight. He measures 65cms to shoulder height.Shadow has been castrated and has had all his inoculations. He would make a lovely family dog .
  • Ricky
    Ricky is a little mongrel terrier, similar in size to a Yorkie.
    He was born about June 2011. He gets on well with other dogs. Although he used to live in an apartment he is very lively and full of fun.He is Pet Passported, has all his vaccinations and is neutered.
  • Chase
    Chase is a lovely looking dog that we rescued a few months ago after being abandoned. He is still waiting for his home, a fairly active one.He's been neutered and fully passported and is about 2 years old.He's good with all dogs and gets on well with people but will need training.
    In the right hands he will be a loyal companion.
  • Harry
    Harry, the German Shepherd that we rescued a few months ago after being abandoned, is still waiting for his home. He needs an experienced gsd home.He's neutered and fully passported.He's good with the ladies but is a bit choosy over the male dogs. He adores people and is a strong fellow so will need training,
    but don't let this put you off; in the right hands he will be a cracking friend, Harry's around 2 years old so has lots of time to learn.
  • Dodo
    Dodo is a pointer cross, born about March 2012. He loves to run loose and needs lots of space. He is very intelligent and keen to learn, good with people and other dogs. No aggression in him and a very nice dog.
    He is neutered and Pet Passported.

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