house training a puppy

How to house train a puppy.

Put newspaper down where the puppy goes to the toilet. When he goes, whether on the paper or not, make no comment, as hard as it is!?!.

When he goes to the toilet outside give him loads of praise to the point of going over the top.

Starting from first thing in the morning pick him up, put him on a lead if possible, and take him down the garden. Stand over him until he does a wee, praise him. Go a bit further down the garden until he does a poo, praise him once again, pick him up and bring him back in.

Each time he wakes up from a nap or after feeding, repeat the first thing in the morning procedure. During the night or day he does his business, hopefully on the news paper, replace it and move it closer to the door.

If he does his business on the floor or the news paper, make no comment, just grit your teeth and get your partner to clear it up. don't chastise or hit the dog. That just reinforces the behavior because he is getting attention. The only time he gets attention is after he has done his business down the garden, eventually it will click.

Hope that has been useful.

Thanks to Tina for reminding me of the basics. ps works for female puppies a well.

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