PAPAS Mission Statement

Mission Statement & Constitution

Mission Statement

The aim of the Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals is to ensure the well-being and security of all animals lost or abandoned in and around the Pinoso area. We intend to work hand in hand with all sections of the community, the Police and the Local Authority to achieve this aim.

The Association will ensure that all animals coming into it's care will receive individual veterinary attention and appropriate care. We will make every attempt to find the animals temporary shelter until a permanent home can be found.

We intend to build and run an Animal Sanctuary, where abandoned, lost or mis-treated animals may live in a comfortable and loving environment until they are found a permanent home. Until we achieve this aim we intend to work with other agencies who have been  identified as having the same mission as ourselves.

Constitution of the Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals

1.     Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals (P.A.P.A's) is a registered Association with the Valencia Region, Inscrition Number CV-01-043309-A and NIF number G54370838.  It is therefore legally compliant with all necessary permissions to operate as an official and fiscal body. This enables the asssociation to lawfully collect monies to support the operation of the organisation

2.     P.A.P.A's exists to fulfill it's mission statement.

3.     P.A.P.A's will have no political affiliation in Spain or the United Kingdom

4.     P.A.P.A's will act within Spanish law at all times

5.     The Association will treat volunteers, the public and Executive with respect, upholding the dignity of all. The welfare of the animals coming into the Association's care is paramount at all times.

6.     The Executive will have the final decision in all matters pertaining to the Association, but will, whenever appropriate, consult with the appointed veterinarian.

7.     The Executive consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer In accordance to the requirements of the Generalitat Valencia.

8.     The Executive will meet once every month and will receive a full Treasurer's Report as to the financial status of the Association every other meeting, as well as reports from the other Executive Members at every meeting as to the progress within their areas of responsibility. Minutes will be taken and kept by the Secretary.

9.     The audited accounts of the Association will be available (via it's website when established) every year. The accounts will be audited by an independent auditor prior  to each each annual account.

10.   The Association will appoint an auditor who has no other direct connection with the work of the Association.

11.   The responsibility for the conduct and verity of the Association will  rest jointly with the Executive.


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